Protestant Preschool & Kindergarten operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We fundraise year-round to fund our Thomas G. Griffin Memorial Scholarship Fund and to keep our tuition costs low so all children of Wayne County are able to attend. 

We welcome donations in addition to the following fundraisers:

  • Box Tops for Education

    • PP&K collects box tops all year.

    • Keep your eyes open on your groceries...they're not just on cereal boxes!

    • Ask your friends, family, workplace, civic clubs and church to help collect Box Tops!

  • Silent Auction

    • Annual auction held in February.

    • We accept donations & sponsorships from local and area businesses. 

    • PP&K would like to thank our community for donating to our silent auction for the last 12 years. Your gifts have set the educational foundation for the children of Wayne County.

  • Donations

    • PP&K accepts deductible donations from the community year-round. If you'd like to make a monetary donation, you can click our donation button or contact the school office.
Donate to PP&K


Another way to support the PP&K community is to spread the word! Here are some different ways you can easily keep our PP&K community strong:

  • Bring family and friends with you to PP&K events.
  • Introduce future student prospects to the school.
  • PP&K is stronger with the support of many!